IBM Content Manager OnDemand

Chapter 1. Product overview

ODWEK allows users to access data that is stored in an IBM® Content Manager OnDemand server by using a web browser or a user-written program. For example, you can provide access to Content Manager OnDemand with the following methods:

ODWEK verifies that the user information is valid on the OnDemand server, such as permission to access the server and data stored in an application group. After the user submits a search, ODWEK displays a web page that contains a list of the documents that match the query. The user selects a document to view and ODWEK sends the document to the browser.

The following figures illustrates how a workstation with a web browser accesses data stored in an OnDemand server.

Figure 1. Accessing data stored in OnDemand by using ODWEK
"This image shows how data stored in Content Manager OnDemand is accessed over the Internet through ODWEK"

ODWEK can search for and retrieve documents from OnDemand servers that are running any currently supported versions of Content Manager OnDemand.

ODWEK contains the following components:

To view other types of documents stored in Content Manager OnDemand, you must obtain and install the appropriate viewer. For example, to view Adobe Portable Data Format (PDF) documents, you can obtain the Adobe Acrobat viewer and install it to the browsers used in your organization.

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