Conversion between different code pages

A code page maps each character from a character set, such as the Latin alphabet, to a numeric representation.

Each code page is identified by a numeric identifier. For example, code page 850 represents the character A as hexadecimal 41.

Ideally, for optimal performance, Content Manager OnDemand clients and applications should always use the same code page as the Content Manager OnDemand instance. However, this is not always practical or possible. Content Manager OnDemand provides support for character conversion that allows clients, applications, and instances to use different code pages. This means that, while a Content Manager OnDemand instance must run in a single code page, clients that access the instance can operate in any code page and reports that you store in Content Manager OnDemand can contain characters encoded in any code page.

However, when you use different code pages, Content Manager OnDemand might need to convert characters from one code page to a different code page in order to maintain the meaning of the data.