Ceph block storage by using Rook

Rook is an open source orchestrator for distributed storage systems that run in cloud native environments.

For more information about Rook, see https://rook.io/ Opens in a new tab and https://github.com/rook/rook Opens in a new tab.

The Rook operator is a simple container that has all the requisites to bootstrap and monitor a storage cluster. It deploys pods, which are Rook agents, on every Kubernetes node in your cluster. Each Rook agent configures a Flexvolume plug-in that integrates with the Kubernetes’ volume controller framework.

In IBM® Cloud Private, Rook enables Ceph storage to run on Kubernetes by using Kubernetes primitives. With Rook running in your Kubernetes cluster, Kubernetes applications can mount block devices and use for persistent storage.

To configure Rook, install the Helm chart. See Rook Ceph cluster Opens in a new tab.