Installing bundled products

You must manually install the Helm charts for other products that are included with your IBM® Cloud Private package.

You can obtain the compressed files for these products from IBM Passport Advantage External link icon.

Required user type or access level: Cluster administrator or team administrator

Before you load a chart, complete the following prerequisites:

To install the packaged products:

  1. Obtain the compressed file from Passport Advantage.
  2. Ensure that you have enough disk space to load the images in the compressed files to your computer.

    1. Check the Docker disk usage. Run the following command:

      docker system df

      For more command options, see docker system df Opens in a new tab in the Docker documentation.

    2. If you need more disk space, take one of the following actions:
      • Remove old Docker images.
      • Increase the amount of storage that the Docker daemon uses. To increase the amount of storage that the Docker daemon uses, see the entry for dm.basesize in the dockerd Opens in a new tab Docker documentation.
  3. If you have not, log in to your cluster from the IBM Cloud Private CLI and log in to the Docker private image registry.

    bx pr login -a https://<cluster_CA_domain>:8443 --skip-ssl-validation
    docker login <cluster_CA_domain>:8500

    Where cluster_CA_domain is the certificate authority (CA) domain. If you did not specify a CA domain, the default value is mycluster.icp. See Specifying your own certificate authority (CA) for IBM Cloud Private services.

  4. Install the file from Passport Advantage:

    bx pr load-ppa-archive --archive <compressed_file_name> [--clustername <cluster_CA_domain>] [--namespace <namespace>]

    Where compressed_file_name is the name of the file that you downloaded from Passport Advantage, cluster_CA_domain is the (CA) domain, and namespace is the Docker namespace that hosts the Docker image. Note: Unless you specify an imagePullSecret, you can access this image from only the namespace that hosts it.

  5. View the charts in the IBM Cloud Private Catalog.

    1. From the IBM Cloud Private management console navigation menu, click Admin > Repositories.
    2. Click Sync Repositories.

      Required user type or access level to sync, add, or remove repositories: Cluster administrator

    3. From the navigation menu, select Catalog.

      The new Helm charts load into the Catalog, and you can install them into your cluster.

      Note: You can load the Helm charts by using only the Catalog. You cannot load the charts by using the Helm CLI.