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IBM® Cloud Private Version introduces the following new features or enhancements:

New features


IBM Cloud Private Version is now upgraded to use Kubernetes Version 1.10.0. For more information about the features that are introduced in Kubernetes 1.10.0, see https://github.com/kubernetes/sig-release/blob/master/releases/release-1.10/release-notes-draft.md Opens in a new tab.



Helm resources can now be added to a team. Helm resources include the internal Helm repository and the Helm charts that are in the Helm repository. If a Helm repository is added to a team’s resources, the team has access to all the charts within the repository.

If a chart within the Helm repository is added to the team, then the user sees the Helm repository on the Helm repositories page. The Catalog displays the selected charts available to the team only.

When a team is created, if Helm repositories or charts are not added to the team, the Catalog page for the team is empty.

For more information about adding resource to a team, see Add resources to a team.

The internal Helm repository named local-charts can now be added to the Helm CLI as an external repository. local-charts can be used as a source to install charts into the cluster from Helm CLI. For more information, see Adding the internal Helm repository to Helm CLI.


You can now view release notes information for most Helm charts in the Catalog. This release notes contains information about each Helm chart, such as the version, what's new, and any fixes, or enhancements added.

Some IBM Helm charts might not have a release note. Release notes are not available for third party Helm charts that are added to the Catalog.

Also filtering from the Catalog is now enhanced to cover more options. See Managing charts and apps.


You can now collect data from and report on resource consumption of IBM products that are running outside of your IBM Cloud Private environment. This environment can be bare metal, a VM, or another cloud platform. See Tracking usage of IBM products that are running outside of your IBM Cloud Private cluster.

Docker images that you build can include labels that identify the product identifier, name and version for the offering. These labels can be discovered by the metering daemon and used to associate metered runtime metrics with the instance of the offering that is running. For more information, see Labeling images for the IBM® Cloud Private metering service.

IBM Cloud Private CLI

You can add or remove a proxy node to your cluster by using the IBM Cloud Private CLI. See the Adding or removing a proxy node by using a cloud provider section in Adding or removing a cluster node by using a cloud provider for more information.



You can now configure an etcd node in your IBM Cloud Private cluster to improve the etcd performance. See Architecture.

Vulnerability Advisor

You can now enable the Vulnerability Advisor feature after you install your IBM Cloud Private cluster. See Enabling and disabling IBM Cloud Private management services.

Vulnerability Advisor can now be managed by using APIs. See Vulnerability Advisor API.

New charts

The following new Helm charts are available from the Catalog:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been adopted by the European Union ("EU") and applies from May 25, 2018. See IBM Cloud Private platform considerations for GDPR readiness for information about features of IBM Cloud Private platform that you can configure, and aspects of the product’s use, that you should consider to help your organization with GDPR readiness.

Technology previews

The following features are available as technology previews:

Fixes and improvements

With the introduction of IBM Cloud Private Version, the following improvements and enhancements were made:

IBM Cloud Private Cloud Foundry changes

For the details of changes to IBM Cloud Private Cloud Foundry, see What's new in IBM Cloud Private Cloud Foundry Version

Kibana Helm chart removed from the public repository

Beginning March 8, 2019, the ibmcom/ibm-icplogging-kibana was removed from the public repository in the IBM Cloud Private Catalog. The Kibana instance is installed automatically, and can be enabled. See Kibana for more information.

Moved Helm charts

What changed

With the introduction of IBM Cloud Private Version, the following package versions changed: