Configuring cluster nodes for automatic Docker installation

Set up IBM Cloud Private to automatically install Docker on your cluster nodes during installation. Cluster nodes are the master, proxy, worker, and management nodes.

This process installs Docker on nodes that do not already have a version of Docker installed. If you have a version of Docker that is supported by IBM Cloud Private installed on your node, you can skip this procedure.

For SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) nodes, you must manually install Docker by using the Docker installation External link icon instructions in the SLES documentation.

To allow for automatic installation of Docker on cluster nodes:

  1. On your master, proxy, worker, management, and VA nodes, ensure that your package manager is configured to allow for package updates. Package managers include RPM for RHEL and Apt for Ubuntu.
  2. If you want to change the location of the Docker default storage directory, you must configure a bind mount to the new directory before you install IBM Cloud Private. See Specifying a default Docker storage directory for automatically installed docker.
  3. (Optional) Determine which Docker options your master, proxy, worker, management, and VA nodes require. You specify these options in the config.yaml file.
  4. For Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) systems, the storage driver for the supplied IBM Cloud Private Docker package is set to devicemapper by default. To use devicemapper storage in production environments, you must enable direct-lvm mode. direct-lvm mode can either be configured automatically during the installation of Docker or manually after Docker is installed.

    • To configure direct-lvm mode during installation of the supplied IBM Cloud Private Docker package. Before you install IBM Cloud Private Docker, you must place your configuration options in the /etc/docker/daemon.json file. For more information about the configuration options, see the direct-lvm mode configuration table Opens in a new tab.

      The configuration might resemble the following code:

          "storage-opts": [

      Note: This configuration is used for fresh Docker installations only. Also this setup supports a single block device only.

    • To manually configure direct-lvm mode, see Configure direct-lvm mode manually Opens in a new tab.