Uninstalling User Data Services in an air-gapped environment

Uninstall User Data Services from the cluster that has no internet connectivity.

  1. Delete the Analytics Proxy CR instance.
oc ibm-pak case launch  \
  --case $CASE_LOCAL_PATH_UDS    \
  --namespace $NAMESPACE  \
  --inventory operator \
  --action delete-custom-resources
  1. Run the following command to uninstall the catalog.
oc ibm-pak case launch \
  --case ${OFFLINEDIR}/ibm-uds-<UDS_version>.tgz \
  --inventory operatorSetup \
  --action uninstall-catalog \
  --namespace ${NAMESPACE} \
  --args "--registry ${LOCAL_DOCKER_REGISTRY}:5000 \
  --inputDir ${OFFLINEDIR}"
  1. Verify that the CatalogSource is removed.
oc get pods -n openshift-marketplace
oc get catalogsource -n openshift-marketplace