Installing IBM Cert Manager and Licensing by script

  1. Create catalogsource by following the instructions in Installing IBM Cloud Pak foundational services by using the OpenShift console.

  2. Log in to the cluster as an administrator by using the oc login command.

  3. Go to the cp3pt0-deployment directory, from the folder installer_scripts in the CASE bundle. For information on downloading the scripts, see Downloading scripts for additional configuration from specific version CASE bundle.

    Go to your downloaded installer_scripts directory.

    cd ${installer-scripts}/cp3pt0-deployment
  4. Read the following instructions for script -h
    Usage: --license-accept [OPTIONS]...
    Install Cloud Pak 3 pre-reqs if they do not already exist: ibm-cert-manager-operator and optionally ibm-licensing-operator
    The ibm-cert-manager-operator will be installed in namespace ibm-cert-manager
    The ibm-licensing-operator will be installed in namespace ibm-licensing
    The --license-accept must be provided.
      --oc string                                    File path to oc CLI. Default uses oc in your PATH
      --operator-namespace string                    Namespace to migrate Cloud Pak 2 Foundational services
      --enable-licensing                             Set this flag to install ibm-licensing-operator
      --enable-private-catalog                       Set this flag to use namespace scoped CatalogSource. Default is in openshift-marketplace namespace
      --cert-manager-source string                   CatalogSource name of ibm-cert-manager-operator. This assumes your CatalogSource is already created. Default is ibm-cert-manager-catalog
      --licensing-source string                      CatalogSource name of ibm-licensing. This assumes your CatalogSource is already created. Default is ibm-licensing-catalog
      -cmNs, --cert-manager-namespace string         Set custom namespace for ibm-cert-manager-operator. Default is ibm-cert-manager
      -licensingNs, --licensing-namespace string     Set custom namespace for ibm-licensing-operator. Default is ibm-licensing
      --license-accept                               Set this flag to accept the license agreement.
      -c, --channel string                           Channel for Subscription(s). Default is v4.2
      -i, --install-mode string                      InstallPlan Approval Mode. Default is Automatic. Set to Manual for manual approval mode
      -h, --help                                     Print usage information
  5. If you want to migrate cert-manager and licensing, you can add ./ --license-accept --operator-namespace <Cloud Pak 2 Fooundational Service Namespace> --enable-licensing.

    Note: Ensure that cert-manager and licensing catalogsources exist in the openshift-marketplace namespace.

  6. If it is a fresh install, execute the following script:

    ./ --license-accept --enable-licensing
  7. Verify that the following components are installed in the cluster.

    IBM Cert-Manager Operator is installed in ibm-cert-manager namespace.

    $ oc get subscription -n ibm-cert-manager
    NAME                        PACKAGE                     SOURCE                CHANNEL
    ibm-cert-manager-operator   ibm-cert-manager-operator   opencloud-operators   v4.2
    $ oc get csv -n ibm-cert-manager
    NAME                               DISPLAY            VERSION   REPLACES   PHASE
    ibm-cert-manager-operator.v4.2.1   IBM Cert Manager   4.2.1                Succeeded

    IBM Cert-Manager-Config Operand is created

    $ oc get certmanagerconfig -A
    NAME      AGE
    default   75m

    IBM Cert-Manager Pods are running in ibm-cert-manager namespace

    $ oc get pods -n ibm-cert-manager
    NAME                                         READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    cert-manager-cainjector-7cfcd9948-lwh2n      1/1     Running   0          76m
    cert-manager-controller-7759f789f5-2jldr     1/1     Running   0          76m
    cert-manager-webhook-86b9b4b757-dvxg6        1/1     Running   0          76m
    ibm-cert-manager-operator-747fdbf467-cc4ss   1/1     Running   0          77m

    IBM Licensing Operator is installed in ibm-licensing namespace. (If it is migrated, IBM Licensing Operator will be installed in the control-namespace)

    $ oc get subscription -n ibm-licensing
    NAME                         PACKAGE                      SOURCE                CHANNEL
    ibm-licensing-operator-app   ibm-licensing-operator-app   opencloud-operators   v4.2
    $ oc get csv -n ibm-licensing
    NAME                               DISPLAY            VERSION   REPLACES   PHASE
    ibm-licensing-operator.v4.2.1      IBM Licensing      4.2.1                Succeeded