Obtaining a status page

Learn how to obtain the status page that contains the most important information about your deployments and their license usage. You can use this data for analysis or troubleshooting.

This feature is available from IBM Cloud Pak® foundational services version 3.7.x.

The status page is an html page that summarizes the most important information about your deployments on the cluster. The status page always shows the information that are collected and valid at the moment of page retrieval.

Retrieving the status page

To retrieve the status page, complete the following actions:

  1. Obtain the License Service URL.
  2. Get the authentication token.
  3. Open the License Service URL in your browser.
  4. Select the status page.
  5. Provide your authentication token.

Status page details

The status page lists the following information in dedicated sections:

You can generate the html status page on demand to understand how the license usage of your products is calculated and make sure that the product deployments are correct and optimal for you use.

The image shows an example of the html status page.