Viewing license usage on the Licensing dashboard

License Service Reporter shows the highest license usage in the environment on the Licensing dashboard.

You can access the Licensing dashboard from the Administration panel.


License Service Reporter shows the highest license usage of the IBM Cloud Paks and IBM stand-alone containerized software over a specified reporting period. The names of the clusters that the licensing data is based on are listed on the dashboard.

Aggregating license usage data into single pane

The top-level view shows the number of license metrics that is used by IBM containerized software that is detected in your environment within the reporting period. The value is based on the analysis of the license peaks from each cluster and it is the highest license usage that is registered in the environment.

The image shows the top-level view of the Licensing Dashboard.

Selecting time range and filtering



You can sort the information on the dashboard by any column by clicking on the header.

By default, the products are sorted by the threshold status.

Working with thresholds

You can set a license usage threshold for each product to see how it compares with your actual license usage. Threshold is a means of control that helps you better understand your actual license needs.

The threshold is the license usage limit that is expressed in a number of metric units. The threshold can, for example, base on the number of license metrics that you purchased, or be any other value that facilitates control in your environment. Setting the threshold is optional and its value can be modified at any time.

To set, reset or clear the threshold for a product, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the overflow action menu next to the product and select Threshold settings.
  2. Set the threshold.
    • To set or reset the threshold, specify the number of metric units.
    • To clear your current threshold, select Do not set.
  3. Click Save.

After you set the threshold, the percent of threshold is automatically populated and the status icons that can help you control the limits appears before the percent. The icons indicate whether your current license usage is within the set threshold, according to the data collected from the clusters:

The threshold can also be viewed and modified on the deep dive.

Generating license usage Snapshot from all connected environments

To generate an audit snapshot that is based on the selected criteria, click the Download audit snapshot button, and confirm by selecting Download.

When you download audit snapshot, you get a .zip package with a collection of audit snapshots for each cluster. Each audit snapshot is a compressed .zip package that includes a complete set of audit documents that certify your license usage per cluster. For more information about audit snapshot and its contents, see Audit snapshot.

Deep dive

The top-level view shows the highest license usage of IBM containerized software. To view the detailed information about the license usage of a specified product, click the name of the product and see the deep dive.

The image shows the deep dive view of the Licensing Dashboard.

For IBM Cloud Pak for Data, you can view the individual services that use the Virtual Processor Core (VPC) in the Contributing services section. The following image is an example of the Contributing services section for IBM Cloud Pak for Data:

The image shows the breakdown of the Contributing services section that includes the individual services of IBM Cloud Pak for Data that uses the Virtual Processor Core (VPC)

Time range

By default, the time range on the deep dive is inherited from the top-level view. You can customize the time range by clicking the Calendar icon.

License usage details

The deep dive shows the following information:

Click Download data to export the detailed information about the highest license usage for the product in the form of the .csv file. The file contains information about the contribution of the bundled products in the overall product license usage. In case of IBM stand-alone containerized products, the file contains only the information about the highest license usage of this product.

No data on the dashboard

After you deploy and configure License Service Reports, it takes around 30 minutes for the dashboard to load the licensing data. During this period, you see the No data message on your dashboard.

However, it might happen that the dashboard does not display any data after these 30 minutes, or at one point after you start using the dashboard. The following message is displayed instead:

No data. It looks like there is no data to display for selected period and metrics. For more information, see documentation.

The message can indicate that License Service Reporter did not receive any data for the selected metric in the selected reporting period. If you know of the products that should be reported, make sure that you configured License Service and enabled data feeds for the proper clusters. For more information, see Configuring data sources.

Retrieving the highest license usage for your multicluster environment with API

You can retrieve the highest license usage for your multicluster environment from License Service Reported with one of the dedicated APIs. For more information, see Retrieving license usage data for multiple clusters from License Service Reporter.