Validating License Service Reporter deployment

Learn how to check whether License Service Reporter is properly deployed to your cluster and if it collects the complete license usage data from your cluster.

Complete the following steps to validate that License Service Reporter is successfully deployed and aggregates data from the clusters that you configured.

  1. To check whether all the licensing pods in the ibm-common-services namespace are running, run the following command.

    • Linux®: oc get pods -n ibm-common-services | grep "licens"
    • Windows: oc get pods -n ibm-common-services | findstr "licens"

    An example of a response with the list of running pods.

     ibm-license-service-reporter-instance-66cfdc4c4f-xzxj7   4/4     Running            0          37m
     ibm-license-service-reporter-operator-78d659f477-7lrqk   1/1     Running            0          41m
  2. To check whether License Service Reported is successfully installed, verify that you can access the user interface. For detailed instructions, see Accessing the License Service Reporter user interface.

  3. To check whether License Service instance is correctly configured on your clusters, run the /datasources API.For more information, see Retrieving information about data sources.