Dependencies of the IBM Cloud Pak foundational services

Your product includes several services that are composed of one or more services.

View the following table of the foundational services and their dependencies:

Table 1. Foundational services dependencies
Foundational service Dependencies
ibm-common-service-operator Any certificate manager service
ibm-licensing-operator No dependency
ibm-im-mongodb-operator Any certificate manager service
ibm-im-operator Any certificate manager service, ibm-im-mongodb-operator, ibm-idp-config-ui-operator
ibm-idp-config-ui-operator ibm-im-operator
ibm-platformui-operator No dependency
ibm-events-operator No dependency
ibm-cert-manager-operator No dependency
ibm-user-data-services-operator ibm-events-operator; IBM Cloud Pak foundational services must be installed in your cluster.
ibm-bts-operator ibm-platformui-operator, ibm-im-operator, any certificate manager service, cloud-native-postgresql
ibm-automation-flink Any certificate manager service
ibm-automation-elastic Any certificate manager service