Opening a support case

Learn how to open a meaningful support case for your product.

Before you open a support case

Check the troubleshooting and known issues sections

Before you contact IBM® Support, review the troubleshooting and known issues sections.

Collect support information

Use MustGather diagnostics to gather information from the cluster before opening a support case. The collected data facilitates more effective support. For more information, see Collecting support information about the cluster.

Opening a support case with IBM Support

If you cannot find a solution to your problem in product documentation, open a support case with IBM® Support. Complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the IBM Support site and click Open a case..
  2. Log in with your IBM ID and password, and consent to the IBM Privacy Statement.
  3. Enter the case details. Enter the meaningful title that summarizes your problem. Then, select the Product Manufacturer, Product, and Severity.

    Note: The case severity is based on the business impact of the problem. If you set the case severity as 1, you need to have 24x7 availability to work with IBM® Support on this issue.

  4. Provide the detailed description of your problem. A detailed description can help support understand your problem more accurately and thus provide solutions or answers more quickly. The following information is crucial:

    • Product version
    • Platform
    • Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform version
    • Virtualization platform (VMWARE, Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud)
    • High Availability (HA)
    • Steps to reproduce the issue
  5. Optional: Upload the .tar.gz file with the results of the diagnostic scan. For more information about how to retrieve it, see Collecting support information about the cluster.

    Note: If you encounter problems with uploading the file, see Uploading a file during case creationOpens in a new tab.

  6. Select the language preferences and click Submit a case.