User Data Services (UDS)

The User Data Services collect, transform, and transmit product usage data, user behavior, and feature interaction data. The User Data Services is built with open source operators (Crunchy PostgreSQL), IBM Event Streams. It includes APIs to collect usage data and enforce user-level consent for tracking usage.

Visibility into client usage is critical to optimize the user experience, to facilitate adoption, and to ultimately drive consumption, renewal, and revenue. Hybrid and on-premises offering deployments pose technical and compliance challenges to the collection of account and user level data. Installing the User Data Services operators provides a solution to these challenges, while unlocking value for a variety of stakeholders in an ecosystem of downstream applications

UDS as an application service, requires the Product Manager (w/ Customer Success Manager) to define the use case, as well as Developers to embed code for generating events. UDS is deployed with your product. After you generate the API key, UDS endpoints are available for collecting product usage data.

Passive Encryption of data at rest for UDS

To encrypt secrets and disks and other sensitive data, follow the standard OpenShift instructions. For more information, see Protecting sensitive information in your cluster.