Business Teams Service

The Business Teams Service (BTS) is a microservice that allows to administer and manage global teams across business applications.

A team is a collection of users, groups, and other teams that already exist. Unlike users and groups, teams are not stored in LDAP. BTS provides the team management capability, but does not perform authorization on behalf of the apps and components, which apply their own authorization policies. Teams can be associated with resources in components to control authorization to these resources.

This approach has several advantages over using your company-wide user registry groups directly:

BTS version history

The following table shows BTS versions, their prerequisites, and supported platforms:

Table 1. BTS version history
Release date BTS operator version BTS CASE version Supported platforms OpenShift Container Platform version Enterprise Database (EDB) operator EDB CASE PostgreSQL version
01 June 2023 3.28.0 1.0.18 Linux x86_64
Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE
Linux on Power (ppc64le)
4.10 - 4.13 >=1.18.1 >=4.11.0 13.9