Identifying teams across different environments

Learn how to identify teams across different environments.

Because each environment, such as development, test, or production, is connected to a different instance of the Business Teams Service (BTS) server, when you move resources between environments the teams that are associated with the resources are not automatically moved with the resources. That's why you must create corresponding teams on the target environment, if they do not already exist. However, because creating a team in multiple environments with the same team name and for the same purpose has different unique team IDs (UUID), it might not be easy to identify corresponding teams just by their display name, which is not guaranteed to be unique. or example, many teams might be named "managers".

To avoid confusion, use team distinguished names (which are guaranteed to be unique in a given environment) consistently across all your environments to identify teams that serve the same purpose. This will make it easier to identify the correct team in a target environment and map it to the resources that you deploy.