Configuring high availability for foundational services

Configure high availability (HA) for IBM Cloud Pak foundational services.

Install more than one instance of foundational services for HA. You can configure HA for all or some services that you are installing in your cluster.


Before you configure HA, see the Hardware requirements and recommendations for foundational services.

Configure HA

See the following sections for the HA configuration of each service.

Identity Management (IM)

Update the ibm-im-operator spec before or after you install foundational services.

For more information, see HA configuration.

Platform API

To enable HA for Platform API, increase the replicaCount parameter value to the number of replicas that you want. For more information, see Platform API settings.

User Data Services

To enable HA for User Data Services, set the env_type parameter value to prod. For more information, see the User Data Services documentation.