IBM Certificate manager (cert-manager)

You can use your product cert-manager to create and mount a certificate to a Kubernetes Deployment, StatefulSet, or DaemonSet. You can also create and add a certificate to a Kubernetes Ingress.

Issuer, ClusterIssuer, and Certificate are Kubernetes resource types that were introduced to support certificate generation and lifecycle management. For more information about cert-manager, see the cert-manager community documentation Opens in a new tab.

See the following list to learn how your product cert-manager works:

First, create an Issuer and then create a certificate that will be signed by that Issuer. Your product Certificate manager generates an X.509 certificate and key pair and stores it within a Kubernetes Secret.

Listing your Issuers and Certificates

To list your v1 Issuers and Certificates, complete the following actions:

If, after running these commands, you do not see any v1 Issuers and Certificates, and you expect there to be Issuers and Certificates, list the v1alpha1 Issuers and Certificates.

To list your v1alpha1 Issuers and Certificates, complete the following actions:

Certificate manager supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

For more information about Certificate manager and other configuration tools, see the following product documentation:

Note: The apiVersion in all cert-manager Custom Resources (Certificates, Issuers, and ClusterIssuers) is deprecated and replaced by