Timeout error while setting up an LDAP connection

Cannot set up a connection with your LDAP server.


While setting up an LDAP connection, you might see a 504 Gateway timeout error.


The connection needs more time than usual to be established.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the issue, increase the LDAP configuration timeout value in the platform-auth-idp configmap to a value in the range 25-60 seconds.

  1. Log in to your infrastructure node by using the oc login command.

  2. Edit the platform-auth-idp configmap.

    oc -n <your-foundational-services-namespace> edit configmap platform-auth-idp
  3. Change the AUTH_SVC_LDAP_CONFIG_TIMEOUT: "25" parameter value to a higher value. For example, "45". The value is in seconds.

  4. Save the changes.

  5. Restart the platform-auth-service pods by deleting the pods.

    1. Get the platform-auth-service pod names.

      oc -n <your-foundational-services-namespace> get pods | grep platform-auth-service
    2. Delete the platform-auth-service pod.

      oc -n <your-foundational-services-namespace> delete pods <pod-name>

Wait for some time and then check the status of the platform-auth-service pods. The status of all platform-auth-service pods must show as Running.

oc -n <your-foundational-services-namespace> get pods | grep platform-auth-service