Uninstallation is not successful (uninstallation does not remove all components)

After you uninstall IBM Cloud Pak foundational services from your cluster, some foundational services components remain in the cluster.

To remove all foundational services components, run the following script.

  1. Log in to OpenShift cluster as an admin user by running the oc login command.

  2. Download the CASE package and extract installer-scripts directory. For more information, see Downloading scripts for additional configuration from specific version CASE bundle.

  3. Go to the ${installer-scripts}/cp3pt0-deployment directory.

     cd ${installer-scripts}/cp3pt0-deployment

    You can use the ./uninstall_tenant.sh -h command to view the options available when you run the script.

  4. Run the script to remove the components. You can use -f with the command to force cleanup.

     ./uninstall_tenant.sh --operator-namespace <your-foundational-services-namespace>