Timeout error when retrieving CASEs (ibm-pak plug-in)

While using the ibm-pak plug-in, a timeout error occurs when retrieving CASEs.


You might see the following timeout error when retrieving CASEs:

$ oc ibm-pak get ibm-integration-platform-navigator

[ERROR]: unable to obtain root index for 'https://github.com/IBM/cloud-pak/raw/master/repo/case/': "A HTTP processing related error occurred while accessing CASE repo: Get \"https://github.com/IBM/cloud-pak/raw/master/repo/case/index.yaml\": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)"

Error: Unable to obtain a valid CASE for the CASE name of "ibm-integration-platform-navigator" at repository "https://github.com/IBM/cloud-pak/raw/master/repo/case/" with version ">=0.0.0".

Review this additional debug information: "Unable to find a valid CaseDescriptor in the provided repository [\"https://github.com/IBM/cloud-pak/raw/master/repo/case/\" \"ibm-integration-platform-navigator\" \">=0.0.0\"] (the repository does not exist or is unavailable, the CASE name does not exist, or there is no CASE that matches the specified version constraint in this repository)"

Resolving the problem

To resolve the issue, increase the timeout in increments of 10 and up to 60 (default timeout is 10):

IBMPAK_HTTP_TIMEOUT=60 oc ibm-pak get ibm-integration-platform-navigator

If increasing the timeout up to 60 does not work, switch to the icr.io registry (instead of GitHub) as the source of CASEs:

oc ibm-pak config repo 'IBM Cloud-Pak OCI registry' -r oci:cp.icr.io/cpopen --enable