IBM Common Service Operator fails to initialize resources

The IBM Common Service Operator does not create any resource, including the Operand Deployment Lifecycle Manager subscription.


The IBM Common Service Operator log shows the following information:

E0618 13:13:29.959214       1 main.go:136] InitResources failed: unable to retrieve the complete list of server APIs: the server is currently unable to handle the request


The cert-manager webhook is blocking the IBM Common Service Operator from fetching the API services. The cert-manager webhook service probably failed.

Resolving the problem

Delete the cert-manager webhook API service.

  1. Delete the webhook API service.

     oc delete apiservice
  2. Get the IBM Common Service Operator pod.

     oc get pod --all-namespaces | grep ibm-common-service-operator
  3. Delete the ibm-common-service-operator pod to trigger a new installation.

     oc -n <IBM Common Service Operator pod namespace> delete pod <IBM Common Service Operator pod name>