Support types

IBM offers different levels of support for the different offerings, and if you need more support, you can purchase support plans.

IBM offers high-quality support plans for the different enterprise product bundles. Access to the vast support team is included with your purchase. You can access the IBM Support team through the support page Opens in a new tab

If you purchased an enterprise product bundle, you can also purchase Premium Support. This plan offers faster responsiveness, higher priority for support cases, and a named client success manager to help make you more successful.

IBM also can provide additional open source support options for customers that need more assistance. Contact IBM Sales or the open source vendor for more information about these services. See the following resources:

To help you troubleshoot issues, you can open support cases with IBM® Support by following these steps:

Open a Support case

  1. Go to the IBM Support site Opens in a new tab.
  2. In the Support Cases section, click Open a case. You are prompted to enter your IBM ID and password and then you can see IBM Privacy Statement. Read the statement carefully and click I consent if you agree with the statement. Note: If you don't agree with IBM Privacy Statement, click cancel to quit the login.

  3. In the Open a case page, enter the detailed information in the following fields:

    1. In the Title field, enter your problem title.
    2. In the Product Manufacturer field, enter IBM.
    3. In the Product field, enter your IBM Cloud Pak® or product name.
    4. In the Severity section, choose the case severity based on the business impact of the problem. Note: if you set the case severity as 1, you need to have 24x7 availability to work with IBM support on this issue.
    5. In the Description field, enter the detailed problem that you met. A detailed description can help support understand your problem more accurately and thus provide solutions or answers more quickly.
    6. Select your preferred language, and choose whether you are willing to communicate in English when an agent who speaks your language is not available.
  4. Click Submit case to submit the case.

IBM support can contact with you quickly by email or call after your case is submitted. You can get professional support in a timely manner.