Incorrect registry configuration

This is a common error that is caused by incorrectly specifying subfolders when configuring a registry.


You see the following error:

[INFO] Extracting certificate authority from ...
/tmp/extractedCASELauncher119205926/ibm-apiconnect/inventory/apiconnectOperatorSetup/files/ line 2223: /root/.airgap/certs/ No such file or directory
rm: cannot remove '/root/.airgap/certs/': No such file or directory

[ERROR] Unable to retrieve certificates from
error: Launch script failed due to: exit status 11


The registry is configured with subfolders in the format, host:port/path. This is incorrect as the correct format is host:port.


If a path or folder or namespace must be specified, it must be specified with the --nsPrefix argument as stated in Installing IBM Cloud Pak foundational services in an air-gapped environment using a Bastion host.