Cluster configuration configmap

Configuration information about your cluster.

The configmap of ibmcloud-cluster-info in the namespace of <foundational-services> is designed to publish your product cluster metadata.

Note: From foundational services version 4.0, ibm-im-operator creates the ibmcloud-cluster-info configmap.

Following is an example of the ibmcloud-cluster-info configmap:

apiVersion: v1
  cluster_kube_apiserver_port: "6443"
  cluster_name: mycluster
  cluster_router_http_port: "80"
  cluster_router_https_port: "443"
kind: ConfigMap

Following table describes the parameters:

Table 1. ibmcloud-cluster-info ConfigMap parameters
Parameter Parameter use
cluster_address OpenShift Container Platform route host that is used to access IBM Cloud Pak foundational services.
cluster_ca_domain Certificate Authority (CA) domain of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate that is used for the OpenShift Container Platform route.
cluster_kube_apiserver_host The Kubernetes apiserver host.
cluster_kube_apiserver_port The Kubernetes apiserver secure port.
cluster_name The name of the cluster.
cluster_router_http_port HTTP port of the OpenShift Container Platform router.
cluster_router_https_port HTTPS port of the OpenShift Container Platform router.
im_idmgmt_endpoint Identity management base domain.
im_idprovider_endpoint Identity provider base domain.
proxy_address Foundational services route host.

You can get the configmap information by running the following command:

oc -n <your-foundational-services-namespace> get configmap ibmcloud-cluster-info -o yaml