IBM Catalog Management Plug-in for IBM Cloud Paks (ibm-pak plugin)

The IBM Catalog Management Plug-in for IBM Cloud Paks simplifies the process for discovering required IBM product images and uses standard tooling for registry and cluster access. The metadata is packaged within 1-n CASEs (Container Application Software for Enterprise) which specify the composition of the product (for example, OLM packages, channels, and so on) and ultimately images that must be copied into an air-gapped environment.

Additionally, the ibm-pak plug-in extends the OpenShift CLI (oc command) capability to streamline the process of delivering installation images to the IBM Cloud Pak in an air-gapped environment.

Note: The IBM Catalog Management Plug-in for IBM Cloud Paks will be referred to in the documentation as ibm-pak plug-in.

Installation methods

For more information, see Installing your IBM Cloud Pak by mirroring Cloud Pak images to a private container registry (with ibm-pak plug-in).

The instructions in the preceding link explains both connected mirroring and disconnected mirroring. The difference between connected and disconnected mirroring procedures is outlined in the Mirror images section.

To install IBM Cloud Pak foundational services, following the instructions in the preceding link, you must export the following:

export CASE_NAME=ibm-cp-common-services
export CASE_VERSION=4.1.0
export NAMESPACE=<your-foundational-services-namespace>
export CASE_INVENTORY_SETUP=ibmCommonServiceOperatorSetup

Important: When you follow the instructions in the preceding links to install the catalog, you must choose the alternative way, which uses the oc ibm-pak launch command.

For more information about troubleshooting your air-gapped installation, see Troubleshooting an air-gapped installation