Enabling hyperthreading feature

You can enable the optional features of License Service to get extra benefits.

License Service works in the background and does not require any configuration for license compliance. However, you can perform optional configuration to enable additional License Service features and get extra benefits. By default, the features are disabled and transparent. To enable these features, edit the IBMLicensing custom resource.

Use the hyperthreading feature to enable License Service to properly count your license usage on the clusters where Simultaneous multithreading (SMT) or Hyper-Threading (HT) are enabled. When you enable hyperthreading, your license usage on clusters with SMT or HT are aggregated with regard to the hyperthreading rules.

Editing the IBMLicensing custom resource

Learn how to edit the IBMLicensing custom resource to enable the additional features.

Enabling hyperthreading

This feature is available from IBM Cloud Pak® foundational services version 3.11.x.

License Service supports hyperthreading, also referred to as Simultaneous multithreading (SMT) or Hyper-Threading (HT). To take advantage of the benefits of using this technology, enable hyperthreading in License Service. Hyperthreading might have great impact on your licensing costs. For more information, see Hyperthreading.

You can enable hyperthreading for the clusters where all working nodes have SMT or HT enabled. To enable hyperthreading, complete the following steps.

  1. Edit the IBMLicensing custom resource.

  2. Add the following lines to the IBMLicensing section, under spec:

        threadsPerCore: <number of threads>

    Note: Set the value of the threadsPerCore parameter to the lowest number of threads per core in your infrastructure. The following table lists the acceptable values.

Table 1. List of acceptable values
Value Description
1 Hyperthreading is not enabled.
2 HT and SMT2 is enabled with the declared number of 2 threads per core.
4 SMTP4 is enabled with the declared number of 4 threads per core.
8 SMTP8 is enabled with the declared number of 8 threads per core.