Downloading scripts for additional configuration from specific version CASE bundle

Before you begin

Install the yq command-line YAML processor on your client machine of the target cluster before you run the scripts

  1. Identify your client machine architecture and set yq Binary name
  2. Set Binary Name yq_linux_amd64 for a Linux® x86_64 cluster

  3. Set Binary Name yq_linux_ppc64 for a Linux® on Power® (ppc64le) cluster

  4. Set Binary Name yq_linux_s390x for a IBM® Z cluster

  5. Download and install the binary in your PATH

     wget${BINARY} -O /usr/bin/yq &&\
     chmod +x /usr/bin/yq

Setting up your environment to download scripts from specific version CASE bundle

  1. Create the following environment variable with the CASE version.

    Note: To find the CASE version, see IBM: Product CASE to Application Version and search for ibm-cp-common-services.


Downloading and extracting specific version CASE bundle

  1. Get the specific version CASE bundle which contains scripts for configuration options.

  2. Extract contents from the bundle.

     tar -xvzf ibm-cp-common-services-$CASE_VERSION.tgz

Locating the scripts in folder installer_scripts

  1. Change directory to the installer_scripts folder. The scripts are in the folder.
     cd ibm-cp-common-services/inventory/ibmCommonServiceOperatorSetup/installer_scripts