IBM Cloud Pak foundational services

IBM Cloud Pak foundational services version 4.0 marks a significant milestone with numerous enhancements and features that improve the IBM Cloud Pak® platform. It simplifies the deployment, lifecycle management, scope, and content of the services to align with your deployments and topologies.

Foundational services provide seamless integration of operator-based capabilities that provide an integrated and consistent set of user experiences across multiple IBM Cloud Paks and cloud environments. IBM Cloud Paks® and containerized software can leverage foundational services for application modernization and transformation.

Workload isolation

Figure 1. Foundational services 4.x.x scoping model

Lowered footprint

Improved security

Flexible deployment

Figure 2. Different versions of the same service in a cluster

Improved user experience

Figure 3. Integrated UI
Integrated UI

Simplified framework

See the features, improvements, and other updates at What's new in the foundational services installer version 4.x.x.