Services catalog

You can access the Services catalog to browse the additional IBM® software products that can help you solve the business needs that are not yet met.

Accessing the Services catalog

To access the Service catalog, open the Cloud Pak Platform landing page, and click View more under the Explore services section.

Browsing the catalog

To find a specific service, type the name of the service in the search bar.

You can also filter the catalog to view the services by category, entitlement type, source, or status.

The number and types of services depend on the IBM Cloud Paks that are installed.

Viewing the services

You can click on the service that you want to learn more about. Each service description includes links to the documentation for installing and using the service.

What services are installed?

Note: This information applies only to services that are in the catalog. Some services are not listed in the Services catalog.

If a service is already installed, it is marked as either Available or Enabled.

IBM Services

Services are grouped together based on their function. The following groups might be distinguished:

This image shows an example of how the Services catalog might look like.