Uninstall the Helm and Catalog services

The catalog-ui and helm services are no longer available starting from version 3.6.x. If you installed these services previously they are still available, but will not receive future updates. You can uninstall these services if you confirm they are no longer needed.

Required user type or access level: Cluster administrator

Important: Do not uninstall the Helm and Catalog services unless you are certain they are no longer needed. Removing the Helm and Catalog services when they are still required can damage or break your environment. Some IBM Cloud Paks and components might rely on these services.

Scripted uninstall of the Helm and Catalog services

  1. Create a script, for example, uninstall_helm_operators.sh and add the following code.

     # Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
     # Copyright IBM Corporation 2020. All Rights Reserved
     # US Government Users Restricted Rights -
     # Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.
     # This is an internal component, bundled with an official IBM product.
     # Please refer to that particular license for additional information.
     # This script intends to clean up the resources installed by the obsolete helm operators
     # - ibm-catalog-ui-operator
     # - ibm-helm-repo-operator
     # - ibm-helm-api-operator
     # main operand request namespace
     # main operand request name
     # check for arguments
     if [[ ( -z "${NAMESPACE}" || -z "${OPERANDREQUEST_NAME}" ) ]]; then
         echo "Uninstall obsolete helm operators."
         echo ""
         echo "Parameters:"
         echo "NAMESPACE              the main operandrequest namespace"
         echo "OPERANDREQUEST_NAME    the name of the main operandrequest"
         exit 1
     # ensure the operators are not in operandregistry
     DEFINED_IN_REGISTRY=$(oc -n ibm-common-services get operandregistry common-service -o jsonpath='{.spec}' --ignore-not-found | grep 'ibm-catalog-ui-operator')
     if [[ ! -z "${DEFINED_IN_REGISTRY}" ]]; then
         CS_OPERATOR=$(oc -n ibm-common-services get csv | grep ibm-common-service-operator | awk '{print $1}')
         echo "[ERROR] This script cannot be used with ${CS_OPERATOR}"
         exit 1
     # ensure main operandrequest is present
     if [[ -z "$(oc -n ${NAMESPACE} get operandrequest ${OPERANDREQUEST_NAME} --no-headers --ignore-not-found)" ]]; then
         echo "[ERROR] main operandrequest '${OPERANDREQUEST_NAME}' not found in namespace '${NAMESPACE}'"
         exit 1
     echo "Start uninstalling obsolete helm operators ..."
     echo "----------------------------------------------"
     # Delete main operand request
     echo "[INFO] Deleting from main operand request ..."
     MAIN_OPERANDREQUEST=$(oc -n ${NAMESPACE} get operandrequest ${OPERANDREQUEST_NAME} -o jsonpath='{.spec.requests}' --ignore-not-found)
     OBSOLETE_OPERATORS=$(echo "${MAIN_OPERANDREQUEST}" | grep -E "ibm-catalog-ui-operator|ibm-helm-api-operator|ibm-helm-repo-operator")
     if [[ ! -z "${OBSOLETE_OPERATORS}" ]]; then
         if [[ ! -z "$(oc -n ${NAMESPACE} apply view-last-applied operandrequest ${OPERANDREQUEST_NAME})" ]]; then
             oc -n ${NAMESPACE} apply view-last-applied operandrequest ${OPERANDREQUEST_NAME} \
                 | sed -E "/ibm-catalog-ui-operator|ibm-helm-api-operator|ibm-helm-repo-operator/d" | oc apply -f -
             oc -n ${NAMESPACE} get operandrequest ${OPERANDREQUEST_NAME} -o yaml --export \
                 | sed -E "/ibm-catalog-ui-operator|ibm-helm-api-operator|ibm-helm-repo-operator/d" | oc apply -f -
     # Delete custom resources
     echo "[INFO] Deleting custom resources ..."
     if [[ ! -z "$(oc get crd cataloguis.operator.ibm.com --ignore-not-found --no-headers)" ]]; then
         oc -n ibm-common-services delete cataloguis.operator.ibm.com catalog-ui --ignore-not-found
     if [[ ! -z "$(oc get crd helmrepos.operator.ibm.com --ignore-not-found --no-headers)" ]]; then
         oc -n ibm-common-services delete helmrepos.operator.ibm.com helm-repo --ignore-not-found
     if [[ ! -z "$(oc get crd helmapis.operator.ibm.com --ignore-not-found --no-headers)" ]]; then
         oc -n ibm-common-services delete helmapis.operator.ibm.com helm-api --ignore-not-found
     # Delete operand requests
     echo "[INFO] Deleting operand requests ..."
     oc -n ibm-common-services delete operandrequest catalog-ui-request --ignore-not-found
     oc -n ibm-common-services delete operandrequest helm-repo-request --ignore-not-found
     oc -n ibm-common-services delete operandrequest helm-api-request --ignore-not-found
     # Delete install plans
     echo "[INFO] Deleting install plans ..."
     oc -n ibm-common-services get installplan --no-headers --ignore-not-found  \
         | grep ibm-catalog-ui-operator | awk '{print $1}' \
         | xargs oc -n ibm-common-services delete installplan
     oc -n ibm-common-services get installplan --no-headers --ignore-not-found  \
         | grep ibm-helm-repo-operator | awk '{print $1}' \
         | xargs oc -n ibm-common-services delete installplan
     oc -n ibm-common-services get installplan --no-headers --ignore-not-found  \
         | grep ibm-helm-api-operator | awk '{print $1}' \
         | xargs oc -n ibm-common-services delete installplan
     # Delete subscriptions
     echo "[INFO] Deleting subscriptions ..."
     oc -n ibm-common-services delete sub ibm-catalog-ui-operator --ignore-not-found
     oc -n ibm-common-services delete sub ibm-helm-repo-operator --ignore-not-found
     oc -n ibm-common-services delete sub ibm-helm-api-operator --ignore-not-found
     # Delete cluster service versions
     echo "[INFO] Deleting cluster service versions ..."
     oc -n ibm-common-services get csv --no-headers --ignore-not-found -o name \
         | grep ibm-catalog-ui-operator | xargs oc -n ibm-common-services delete
     oc -n ibm-common-services get csv --no-headers --ignore-not-found -o name \
         | grep ibm-helm-repo-operator | xargs oc -n ibm-common-services delete
     oc -n ibm-common-services get csv --no-headers --ignore-not-found -o name \
         | grep ibm-helm-api-operator | xargs oc -n ibm-common-services delete
     # Delete CRDs
     echo "[INFO] Deleting custom resource definitions ..."
     oc delete crd cataloguis.operator.ibm.com --ignore-not-found
     oc delete crd helmrepos.operator.ibm.com --ignore-not-found
     oc delete crd helmapis.operator.ibm.com --ignore-not-found
     echo "----------------------------------------------"
     echo "[INFO] Done"
  2. Set the permissions on the script and run it by specifying the namespace and main operandrequest name.

    For example:

    ./uninstall_helm_operators.sh ibm-common-services common-service