OIDC discovery URL issue with F5 cipher settings


While using Identity Provider V3 registration API for configuring OIDC or SSO, there might be an issue with connecting discovery URL, inside the organisation firewall if the organization has a weak cipher configured in the F5 load balancer.


Weak cipher configured in the F5 load balancer.

It can be confirmed by enabling the LIBERTY_DEBUG_ENABLED logs. If the following error is observed, then you can contact organization's F5 team to check the cipher settings of F5 load balancer.

Message: Open quote is expected for attribute "issuerIdentifier" associated with an element type "oidcLogin".
com.ibm.ws.config.xml.internal.ServerXMLConfiguration 381" at ffdc_23.04.05_15.49.06.0.log


Currently, no workaround is available.