IBM Cloud Pak® CLI (cloudctl) pm commands (pm)

Learn about the cloudctl pm commands that you can run to manage passwords for your services in a cluster namespace.

cloudctl pm

cloudctl pm check

Check a password value using rules or the current rules of a namespace.

cloudctl pm check --rule <rule_regex> [--rule <rule_regex>] [--password <password>]

   --password value, -p value  Password value to check. If not set, the password will be read from standard input.
   --rule value, -r value      Regular expression for password validation. One or more rules are required.

cloudctl pm password-rule-rm

Remove a password rule for a namespace.

cloudctl pm password-rule-rm <namespace> <rule_name>

cloudctl pm password-rule-set

Set a password rule for a namespace.

cloudctl pm password-rule-set <namespace> <rule_name> <rule_regex> <rule_desc>

cloudctl pm password-rules

List the password rules for a namespace.

cloudctl pm password-rules <namespace>

   --json  Display output in JSON format
   -s      Do not show the column headers in the output

cloudctl pm update-secret

Update a secret and restart deployments that use the secret.

cloudctl pm update-secret <namespace> <secret_name> [-f] [-d <data_key>=<data_value>]

   -d value  The secret data key to update. The secret data key value will be prompted for if not set.
   -f        Update the secret data with no user prompts