License Service

Learn how to retrieve license usage data from your cluster and create a licensing snapshot.

If you are using the License Service operator as part of an IBM Cloud Pak®, see the documentation for that IBM Cloud Pak® to learn more about how to install and use the operator service. For more information about IBM Cloud Paks, see IBM Cloud Paks that use IBM Cloud Pak foundational services.

License Service version 1.20.x updates (Installer version 3.23.x)

License Service version 1.19.x updates (Installer version 3.22.x)

License Service version 1.18.x updates (Installer version 3.21.x)

License Service version 1.16.x updates (Installer version 3.19.x)

License Service version 1.15.x updates (Installer version 3.18.x)

License Service version 1.12.x updates (Installer version 3.15.x)

License Service version 1.9.x updates (Installer version 3.12.0)

License Service version 1.8.x updates (Installer version 3.11.0)

License Service version 1.7.x updates (Installer version 3.10.0)

License Service version 1.5.x updates (Installer version 3.8.0)

License Service version 1.4.x updates (Installer version 3.7.x)

License Service version 1.3.x updates (Installer version 3.6.x)

License Service version 1.2.x updates (Installer version 3.5.x)

License service version 1.1.0 (installer version 3.4.0)

How to check which service version you are using

You can check the installer version in the configmap by running the following command:

oc -n kube-public get ConfigMap ibmcloud-cluster-info -o jsonpath=’{.data.version}’

You can check the Common service operator full version and deployed namespace by running the following command:

oc get csv --all-namespaces | grep common-service-
common-service        IBM Cloud Platform Common Services     3.6.3                   ibm-common-service-operator.v3.5.6             Succeeded
ibm-common-services  IBM Cloud Platform Common Services     3.6.3                   ibm-common-service-operator.v3.5.6             Succeeded

If there is no ibmcloud-cluster-info configmap in your cluster, it means that the service was installed by installer version 1.1.0 and the service is version 3.0.5 or newer. You can check the Installed Operators tab in the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform console to find the accurate version.