Deploying the EDB Postgres operator in a custom namespace

When you install IBM Cloud Pak foundational services version 3.12.x, to deploy EDB Postgres in a namespace other than ibm-common-services, you need to manually configure the cloud-native-postgresql pod restart namespace in OperandConfig.


The create-postgres-license-config job fails with the following status:

  - lastProbeTime: "2021-10-07T18:45:58Z"
    lastTransitionTime: "2021-10-07T18:45:58Z"
    message: Job has reached the specified backoff limit
    reason: BackoffLimitExceeded
    status: "True"
    type: Failed

To check the status of create-postgres-license-config job, run the following command:

oc get job create-postgres-license-config -n <EDB-installed-namespace> -oyaml


This is a known limitation for deploying cloud-native-postgresql operator in a namespaces other than ibm-common-services.

Resolving the problem

Complete the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Delete the create-postgres-license-config job by running the following command:

     oc delete job create-postgres-license-config -n <EDB-installed-namespace>
  2. Run the following command to edit the OperandConfig YAML file:

     oc edit operandconfig common-service -n <ODLM-installed-namespace>
  3. Remove -n ibm-common-services from kubectl delete pods -n ibm-common-services -l in ODLM/OperandConfig YAML file