IBM Cloud Pak foundational services Catalog

By using the Catalog to manage your charts and apps, you can browse and install packages in your cluster from Helm charts.

The Catalog displays Helm charts, which contain application packages that can run as Kubernetes services. The packages are stored in repositories. The Catalog contains one repository connection by default, but you can connect to other repositories. After you connect to a repository, you can access its charts from the Catalog. Application developers can also develop applications and publish them in the Catalog so that other users can easily access and install the applications.

Actions that are available to you in the Catalog are determined by role-based access control. For more information, see Role-based access control.

Finding the Catalog

  1. Log in to the console.
  2. From the horizontal navigation menu, click Catalog

Searching the Catalog

From the Catalog page, you can view Helm charts by category. Click on one of the following categories to view charts in that category:

For easier navigation, you can search items and filter the Helm charts based on the following classifications:

Accessing the Catalog by using proxy servers

To access the Catalog by using proxy servers, you can either enable proxy access during installation of your cluster, or by editing the Helm deployment after you install your cluster.

Reviewing the Helm chart collection

For more information about the default applications that are available in the Catalog, see the following topics.