Known issues in QRadar EDR

The following limitations and known issues apply to IBM® Security QRadar® EDR.

QRadar EDR 3.12.6

EDR Linux® agent 0.80.1 fails to start on Debian 10 based endpoints
The Linux agent 0.80.1 fails to start on Debian 10 due to a driver issue. For more information about the known issue and the workaround, see technote 7148175.

QRadar EDR 3.12.1

Invalid URL displays during validation of CASE installation
After you validate that QRadar EDR is installed, a message displays that points to a broken link. For the correct instructions, see Installing QRadar EDR by using CASE.
QRadar EDR continuously sends reports to the recipients who no longer have an instance

There is a known issue that can cause QRadar EDR to continuously send reports to the recipient who no longer has an instance of QRadar EDR. For more information, see technote 7058243.