SOAR MSSP administrator user initial setup

The initial SOAR MSSP deployment administrator user must complete a number of setup steps for the MSSP configuration and for their specific administrative role.

About this task

To do the initial setup, you must log in, navigate to the Provider account, and set up a Master Administrator group. You must then log in to all Standard accounts and go back to the Provider account and do a configuration push.


  1. On the Provider account, navigate to Application settings > Case Management > Permissions and access.
  2. On the Groups tab, add a group for master administrators, assign the Master Administrator role to the new group, and add the SOAR MSSP administrator user to this group.
    Note: These permissions enable the MSSP administrator user to manage configuration and administration in SOAR.
  3. Go to Case Management in each of the Standard accounts in the SOAR MSSP deployment in turn.
  4. Go to the Provider account for the SOAR MSSP deployment.
  5. Complete a configuration push by navigating to Application settings > Case Management > Permissions and access. Click the Configuration push tab and complete the push. For instructions on completing a configuration push, see Pushing configuration changes.