The Orchestration & Automation application supports scripts written in Python 2.7 or 3.6 and allows importing of specific Python modules, and restricts access to system-related activities.

Accessing a variety of incident data, you use scripts to add objects, such as tasks, notes, and a row in a data table. A script only modifies or acts on the object that triggered the rule or its parent object. For the email message object, it also can modify its associated incident (if there is one).

The Language selection for scripts enables you to select Python 2 or Python 3 as the language to use when evaluating script conditions. This field is also available when writing scripts in the workflow condition builder, function pre-process and function post-process.

Python 3 is the preferred language for new scripts. Python 2 is for scripts written for previous releases of the application. If your system was upgraded, the Language field is set to Python 2 automatically for all previously written scripts.

For a list of sample Python 3 scripts, see the IBM Github folder for scripts.