Running the QRadar Suite Software execute sequence

The Sequence Operator orchestrates the deployment of IBM Security QRadar® Suite Software applications by running sequences. QRadar Suite Software provides an action to rerun one or more sequences on-demand.

Before you begin

Install the command-line interface (CLI) utility cpctl from the cp-serviceability pod. For more information, see Installing the cpctl utility.

About this task

The sequences that the operator initiates can have the following states.

  • Successful State: The operator deployed the sequence.
  • Running State: The operator is in process of deploying the sequence.
  • Pending State: The operator did not process the sequence or the sequence is to be redeployed after helm upgrade or execute_sequence support action.
  • Failing State: The operator is failing to deploy the sequence. The deployment will be rerun repeatedly.


  1. To ensure that the list of available cpctl actions is up to date, enter the following command.
    cpctl load
    The cpctl load command retrieves all of the available actions that can be run on QRadar Suite Software. The actions are cached to your local environment.
  2. To get a list of the available sequences, enter the following command:
    oc get iscsequence -n <cp4s_namespace>
  3. To run the execute_sequence action, enter the following command, where <sequence> is the name of the sequence you want to run.
    Tip: Replace <sequence> with all to run all sequences.
    cpctl tools execute_sequence --token $(oc whoami -t) --sequence <sequence>


For example, enter the following command to run the tisscoring sequence.

cpctl tools execute_sequence --token $(oc whoami -t) --sequence tisscoring

The following output is an example of the output that results from running the tisscoring sequence. The report indicates that the input sequence tisscoring was already scheduled to run when a new operation was queued to run.

run sequence...
  localhost done | stdout: Sequence was not completed - updating anyway
Sequence uuid: 1603808707
Guard uuid: 1603808707 patched
Updated sequence uuid: 1603809032