Modifying a provisioned environment from your local Template Designer

From the locally installed Template Designer user interface, you can modify a template and apply those changes to an existing environment.


  1. In a locally installed Template Designer, go to Repositories and select your repository and branch.
  2. Go to Blueprints and open your project to provision. To create a new project, see Creating a template from a locally installed Template Designer.
  3. Click Provision. The Provision Environment page is displayed. To modify an existing environment, select Modify. To deploy a new environment, select Deploy. For more information, see Provisioning a template from local Template Designer.

    Note: When modify is selected, the location is set to the location given when the environment was originally provisioned. You cannot change it during a Modify task.

  4. Select the Orchestration Service from the drop-down list. If no Orchestration Services are listed, see Configure the local Template Designer Designer for template deployment.
  5. Select the environment to modify from the Existing Environment Name drop-down list.
  6. Click Next Edit Variables.
  7. In the Edit Variables tab, click Variables to expand the section.
  8. Update any variable values that you want to change.
  9. Here, you can click Next Plan Changes to see the plan results or you can skip the step and directly Apply Changes.
  10. If you click Next Plan Changes, you can see the Plan Output with the status as success or failed. You can use the Copy Log to copy the plan summary to the clipboard.
  11. If you are satisfied with the plan summary, click Next Apply Changes to apply the changes. A message appears after a successful plan and apply of the template.
  12. Click the message to go to the Environment list page.
  13. If you do not see your environments in the list, select the appropriate orchestration service from the Environment drop-down list.
  14. Click the environment name to view the environment details. You can also click the Log File tab to view the log file for the most recent activity. Initially, the environment status is in progress and then, after successful deployment, it changes to running.