Upgrading the IBM Cloud Pak® in an airgap environment

Upgrade your IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management that was installed in a prior release in an airgap environment.



Upgrade procedure

These instructions are for IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management that was installed in an airgap environment. Your environment might already have a prepared bastion host, and the required Docker registries.

You need to download the case archive file base on the version that you want to upgrade to, and mirror and import the images in your airgap environment image registry. See the following case archive names:

2.3 Fix Pack 7: ibm-cp-management-100.3.32+2.3.29.tgz
2.3 Fix Pack 6: ibm-cp-management-100.3.30+2.3.28.tgz
2.3 Fix Pack 5: ibm-cp-management-100.3.28+2.3.27.tgz
2.3 Fix Pack 4: ibm-cp-management-100.3.25+2.3.24.tgz
2.3 Fix Pack 3: ibm-cp-management-100.3.24+2.3.23.tgz
2.3 Fix Pack 2: ibm-cp-management-100.3.22+2.3.21.tgz
2.3 Fix Pack 1: ibm-cp-management-100.3.10+2.3.10.tgz
2.3: ibm-cp-management-100.3.0+2.3.2.tgz
  1. Complete the following sections from the Preparing an offline cluster for installation topic that is applicable to the type of host or device that you are using:

  2. Run the following command to avoid certificate validation issues:

    export GODEBUG=x509ignoreCN=0
  3. Mirror the images by completing the following step from the preparation topic:

  4. After you mirror the images, complete these steps to create the new IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management catalog source:

    1. Log in to your OpenShift Container Platform console.

    2. Remove the catalog sources that you created in Version 2.2.x.

      oc delete catalogsource ibm-management-orchestrator -n openshift-marketplace
    3. Create the Version 2.3.1 catalog source.

      cloudctl case launch \
        --case $OFFLINE_DIR/${CASE_ARCHIVE} \
        --inventory ${CASE_INVENTORY_SETUP} \
        --action install-catalog \
        --namespace ${NAMESPACE} \
        --args "--registry ${LOCAL_DOCKER_REGISTRY} --inputDir $OFFLINE_DIR" \
        --tolerance 1

      Note: The variable $OFFLINE_DIR is set in Preparing for installation by using a bastion host, and is the directory that serves as the offline store to store this current release installer and image inventory.

    4. Update the subscription channel of the ibm-management-orchestrator operator.

      oc patch sub ibm-management-orchestrator -p '{"spec":{"channel":"2.3-stable","source": "ibm-management-orchestrator"}}' --type=merge -n openshift-operators

    After the catalog source is created, the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management installer operator updates the installed services and modules operators to their latest version.

  5. Complete the post upgrade tasks. For more information, see Post-upgrade tasks.