Cannot access IBM Cloud Pak® application after upgrade

After manually or automatically upgrading to IBM Cloud Pak foundational services Version 3.6.x, you cannot access your IBM Cloud Pak® application.


You might see Application not available error if your application uses the cp-proxy route host.


The ibm-management-ingress-operator updates the cp-console and cp-proxy routes during an upgrade. Due to a race condition, the ibm-ingress-nginx-operator deletes the cp-proxy route. The ibm-management-ingress-operator never re-creates the cp-proxy route.

This issue happens only when the ibm-management-ingress-operator is upgraded before the ibm-ingress-nginx-operator. Or, you might see the issue if you accidentally deleted the cp-proxy route that is in the ibm-common-services namespace. The route never gets re-created.

Resolving the problem

To resolve the issue, delete the cp-console route. The ibm-management-ingress-operator then re-creates the cp-console and cp-proxy routes. After the routes are re-created, your IBM Cloud Pak® applications will be accessible.

Run this command to delete the cp-console route:

oc delete route cp-console -n ibm-common-services

Verify that the cp-console and cp-proxy routes are created:

oc get route -n ibm-common-services