Unable to stop the Unified Agent that is deployed on a managed cluster

Use the instructions provided in this guide to help diagnose the issue with stopping the Unified Agent that is deployed on a managed cluster.


You deployed the Unified Agent in a managed cluster on OpenShift Container Platform. Afterwards, you chose to disable the Unified Agent plug-ins. However, data is still being sent to the target endpoint.


The problem is caused by a configuration issue with an OpenShift Container Platform's NodeSelector. A NodeSelector that is configured incorrectly can block the rolling-update mechanism. A default NodeSelector for the managed cluster is defined in /etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml. For example:

  defaultNodeSelector: node-role.kubernetes.io/compute=true

Resolving the problem

To solve the issue, you must overwrite the default NodeSelector:

  1. Edit the Unified Agent project namespace.
    # oc edit namespace <project_name>
    Where <project_name> is the project where you installed the Unified Agent. For example: cp4mcm-cloud-native-monitoring.
  2. Find the annotations section and add the following annotation:
    openshift.io/node-selector: ""
    For more information about setting NodeSelectors, see Deploying Applications to specific Nodes.