Reported problems that are fixed in the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management Fix Pack 6

Review the following tables to see the reported problems that are fixed in this Fix Pack. To update IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management to include these fixes, you must install, or upgrade, to the Fix Pack version 6.

Fixed customer fixes in the Fix Pack 6

Issue Category Description
24060 VA/MA OpenSSL vulnerability
24008 Monitoring PSIRT ADV0067719/PVR0396113 Uplift Apache Commons Text to >= 1.10.0
23978 Monitoring PSIRT PVR0391603/ADV0065819 Uplift nodeJS one of >= 14.20.1 or 16.17.1 or 18.9.1
23882 IM Not working after upgrading bitbucket to version 8.2.1
23881 Managed Services Custom Terraform plugins upload through API permissions problem
23879 Monitoring Threshold API not exposed through route
23837 Monitoring Uplift Go to >= 1.17.12 or 1.18.4
23756 Managed Services CAM Binary upload bug
23739 Monitoring Uplift Go to >= 1.17.11 or 1.18.3
23737 Monitoring Uplift apache commons configuration2 >= 2.8
23732 VA/MA Kernel headers still missing on OpenShift 4.10 when installing MA and VA (air-gapped environment)
23713 VA Risk column is almost displayed as "None" on the Vulnerability Advisor console
23684 Monitoring Uplift apollo-server-core to >= 3.9.0
23686 Monitoring Uplift Go to >= 1.17.10 or 1.18.2
23466 Managed Services CAM Ansible Integration how to pass ansible tower job limit using cam
23459 Managed Services Update node module ejs to to > 3.1.6
21856 Monitoring PSIRT PVR0318717/ADV0041344 Uplift nodeJS one of >= 12.22.9 or 14.18.3 or 16.13.2 or 17.3.1
20903 VA Preparing OCP cluster for IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management installation is not permament

Security fixes in the Fix Pack 6

Issue Category Description
23812 Managed Services Node.js v16 - PVR0372808 - CVE-2022-32223
23757 Managed Services Node.js v16 - PVR0372973 - CVE-2022-32212