Creating a template from IBM Workload Deployer pattern

In Managed services, you can create a template that deploys a pattern in IBM Workload Deployer.

About the task

Ensure that you use IBM Workload Deployer V2.2.5.2 or higher. For detailed steps to import a template, see Importing a template.


  1. Log in to your IBM Workload Deployer server.
  2. Go to Virtual System Patterns.
  3. Click to open your pattern. You can deploy an instance of this pattern in Managed services.
  4. Click Export. It downloads a compressed file archive. The file includes a Terraform folder, which in turn includes and cam-variables.json files.
  5. Go to IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management console and click Automate infrastructure>Manage services.
  6. Click Library > Terraform templates.
  7. Click Import template.
  8. In the Create template page, go to From scratch.
  9. Enter the Name and Description of the template.
  10. Select IBM Workload Deployer from Cloud provider drop down list.
  11. Click Create.
  12. Go to Manage template tab.
  13. Click here link of Add your template source code here.
  14. In the Add template source, select From a file option.
  15. Browse to the location of the file that you exported from the IBM Workload Deployer server.
  16. Click Add.
  17. Click Update parameters in the Manage template tab.
  18. In Update parameters page, select From a file option from Import type.
  19. Browse to your exported folder and select cam-variables.json.
  20. Click Update.
  21. Click Save to save the template.