Scaling nodes on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Modify the number of nodes in the default pool to scale up and down.

About this task

Group of Worker nodes with identical configuration are added to a worker pool. A worker pool can be associated with multiple zones. Both single zone and multi-zone clusters are supported. A default zone is automatically created so you do not have to explicitly create one. For this release, only the default worker pool is supported.


  1. Go to Library > Terraform templates.
  2. Search for IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service template and deploy it.

    For the steps to deploy the cluster, see Deploying IBM Cloud Kubernetes service template from Managed services.

  3. Go to Deployed instance > Terraform templates.
  4. Open the deployed instance of your template.
  5. Go to Modify tab.
  6. Select the version of the template and click Next.
  7. In the Additional options section, select a value in Number of workers to scale up the worker nodes.
  8. Click Plan changes.
  9. Check the log output to ensure that the worker node has scaled up or down correctly.
  10. In the Apply Changes page, enter apply in Confirm changes and click Apply.
  11. In the Overview > Activity section, check the status of the plan and apply.