Add RBAC to your teams for service IDs

You can implement specific role permissions to your teams for service IDs.

Before you implement RBAC, complete the following steps:

Specific roles are added to the service ID from the access policy. For more details on creating an access policy, see Create an access policy for a service ID.

Add a service ID to your team so that administrators and operators can manage the service ID.

  1. Log on to the console.
  2. From the navigation menu click Identity & Access > Teams and service IDs.

    Note: Your team must have access to the same namespace that is bound by your service ID.

  3. Select the the team to which you want to add the service ID.

  4. Click the Service IDs tab.

  5. Click Add Service IDs and select the service ID from the list.

    Note: The list is clear if there are no service IDs bound to a namespace that is assigned to the team