Dashboards for Kubernetes resources are empty after Monitoring server upgrade


After you upgrade from one Monitoring server version to another, for example; from 2019.3.0 to 2019.4.0, the dashboards for runtime data collectors such as the Liberty data collector and Node.js data collector are not showing data. The UI pod log also shows errors connecting to Couch: kubectl logs {amui pod} -c amuirest-service. Even after you run the kubectl delete pod my_pod_name command, which restarts the runtime data collector to reregister the Resources dashboards, the dashboards are still empty.


The connection with the CouchDB is lost during the page registration or initialization.


  1. Restart the data collector pod:

    kubectl delete pod my_pod_name
  2. Open the Resource dashboards for runtime data collectors to confirm that metrics are displayed.

  3. If the dashboards are still not showing metrics, restart the UI pod: kubectl delete pod amui