Collecting monitoring agent logs for IBM Support

Use the problem determination collection tool, pdcollect, to gather required logs and other problem determination information that is requested by IBM® Support for monitoring agents. The PD collector tool is installed with each monitoring agent. It is applicable to both Monitoring Agents and Cloud APM V8 agents.

Before you begin

Root or administrator permission is required for the PD collector tool to collect system information from the monitoring agents. You can review the agent logs individually in the following folders:

where install_dir is the agent installation directory. The default is as follows:

Restriction: It is only possible to run one instance of the pdcollect script.

Note: Most cases where you need to collect logs and system information from the monitoring agents also require collecting system information from the Monitoring server. When you collect the agent information, be sure to include the server information by running the as documented here: Collecting the server logs for IBM Support.


To run the PD collector tool, complete the following steps:

  1. On the command line, change to the agent directory:

    • install_dir/bin
    • install_dir\BIN
  2. Run the following command:

    • ./pdcollect
    • pdcollect

    A compressed file with a time stamp in the file name is generated in the tmp or Temp directory, such as /tmp/pdcollect-nc049021.tar.Z or /Temp/

  3. Send the output files to your IBM Support representative.